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Physics Department

This department includes qualified researchers, engineers and technicians. The department supports the other departments with the teaching process for related subjects.

The work axes of the department can be summarized as the following:

  • Preparation and characterization of materials (polymers, glass and ceramics, metal alloys)
  • Characterization of electronic components.
  • Laser applications.
  • Solar energy and its applications.

The department's mission, vision and objectives:

The research and Technical missions of the department:

  • The scientific works at the department includes: preparation and characterization of materials (polymers, metals, ceramics, glass and Nano materials), optical measurements, optical fibers and laser, renewable energies(Thermal conversion, biofuels, thermal transport, energy rationalization, solar radiation), preparation and characterization of gas sensors and organic vapors, solar cells, in addition toTheoretical physics.
  • Proposing training courses that are related to the department's scope of work, and providing them with their needs and follow up.

The department takes out development works and studies in the field of applied physics and measurements such as:


  • Thick matter thermodynamic modeling.
  • Study of materials with conductivity.
  • Manufacture of models for some sensors and ferrite elements.
  • Temperature measurement using laser.
  • Study of ceramic materials.
  • Uses of solar energy.


it benefits from the availability of a group of specialized laboratories such as:


  • Optical Fiber Laboratory.
  • Chemistry of Materials Laboratory
  • Structural analysis of materials Laboratory.
  • Thermal and mechanical testing laboratory.
  • Radiological reagents laboratory.


In addition to a workshop for manufacturing glass tools and devices.


The department participates through its cadres in the educational process at HIAST in:

  • At undergraduate level : the department qualifies students in the major of " materials science and engineering "
  • At postgraduate level (Master & PhD):

- Supervising and reviewing permanently the master's degree of "Materials Science and Engineering" in order to develop and update it according to  the current developments at the scientific level.

- Supervising Master projects of "Materials Science and Engineering"

- Supervising PhD projects in the field of "Applied Physics", which include the areas of:

* Materials science and engineering - renewable energies –physics of solid body - chemistry of solid body - light and laser -– mechanics of materials, physics of materials - optoelectronics

- defining a master program for "Science and Engineering of Light"

  • Teaching physics related subjects for other specialties at HIAST, and supervising and teaching physics courses for the students in first and second years, and participating in the teaching process of mathematics.
  • Co-supervising projects of students in other majors.
  • Supervising the research studies in other majors.
  • Providing educational laboratories in accordance with the courses that the department is concerned with teaching.
  • Cooperation with Ministry of education regarding the preparation of academic curricula.
  • Cooperation with the National Commission for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad in order to qualify the national teams (physics and chemistry).

Services provided by the department:

  • Manufacture of laboratory glassware and densitometers.
  • Tests and measurements for materials such as X-ray diffraction and mechanical tests (tensile-hardness-clash) for public and private sectors.
  • Testing the performance of solar collectors and systems for private and public sectors.
  •  Measuring thermal conductivity of various construction materials for private and public sectors.
  • Improving the efficiency of flame tube boilers for private and public sectors.
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