Director's Message | Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology

Director's Message

The experience of the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology in the preparation of scientific cadres started more than thirty years ago and paid dividends as intended and produced a cadre on a high level of engineering qualification. The Higher Institute continued its success story and expanded its teaching activities and launched post graduate programs (Master and PhD) in many important disciplines and contributed in advancing scientific research in Syria.

The Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology has created a prominent place in the national higher education map, and has won internal and external recognition from universities, research centers, organizations and scientific centers, which is evidenced by the superiority of many of its graduates while pursuing their education in prestigious international universities.

The graduates of the Institute were distinguished at the national level in the fields of engineering work, in the field of development and scientific research and in the transfer and localization of technology, and proved highly competitive when they entered the labor market outside the higher institute, and held prominent scientific and administrative positions and left a positive impact wherever they were.