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Scientific Events

HIAST participates in many local and international conferences and scientific events, but it plays an important role in supporting and organizing the following events:

  • The Arab School of Science and Technology (ASST): HIAST contributes to financing in partnership with several local and Arab bodies, and the Higher Institute has a representative on its board of directors. The school organizes several conferences and workshops annually in specialized fields of interest to the organizations funding the school, during which international experts give comprehensive lectures within a specific title carefully selected by the Council of Members. The school is held within the campus of the Higher Institute or in other Arab countries that are members of this school. 
  • Al-Sham Informatics Conference: HAIST participated in its launch in the mid-nineties in partnership with the Syrian Informatics Society. The Institute plays an important role annually in its organization and in providing scientific contributions.
  • "Palmyra School of Physical Sciences": which was held for three consecutive years, and HIAST was the main organizing body and participated in presenting several research papers in all the sessions.
  • The International Conference on Communications Technologies and Applications “ICCTA 04” was held in Damascus 4/19-23/2004, organized by IEEE in cooperation with the Arab School of Science and Technology, the NOSSTIA network, and the ENST-Bretagne School of Communications. HIAST played a major role in its organization and scientific success, and it is expected that it will be held again in 2006 under the title “ICCTA 06.”
  • Science Week, which is held annually by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in which HIAST often participates with its scientific committees and several research papers.
  • Al Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention: