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Welding Technology Center

In continuation of the national and pioneering role of HIAST in transferring and localizing technology, a distinguished center for welding technologies has been established, accredited by international bodies and institutions.

The center started its activities in early 2012 in the field of qualification and training in welding techniques and technical inspection of welded products according to an international education system.

The center also provides scientific consultations in the field of transfer and localization of modern welding technologies, which contributes to the development of the national industry.

  • The Welding Technology Center cooperates to achieve its goals with a number of scientific, international and regional institutions, including:
  1. International Welding Institute
  2. Austrian Welding Institute
  3. Metallurgy Research Center
  • The center includes twelve rooms for training and qualification work, equipped with all work requirements and occupational safety systems (gas extraction system, protection curtains, ...) and is also equipped with a large group of the latest welding machines: MMA - TIG - MIG MAG - SAW

The Welding Technology Center is sponsored and supported by a group of major international companies specialized in the manufacture of welding materials and equipment.

contact Info:

Phone: +963 - 11 - 5122603 ( extension 2547 or 1158)

Fax: 011-5140761

Email: wtc@hiast.edu.sy

Training Courses:

WeldingInspection and testingWelding quality
Welder Training and QualificationVisual Inspection (VT)Heat Treatments
Welding Diplomas Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)Selection of welding electrodes
Manual electric arc technology (closed electrodes) pipe welding / in stationary and inclined mode / very advanced levelMagnetic Particle Test (MT)Welding Codes & Standards
Welding pipes / in stationary and inclined position / using tungsten arc welding technology in a medium of protective gases (very advanced level). Ultrasonic Test (UT)Material Selection
Metal arc welding method in a medium of protective gases. Radiographic Test (RT)Welding Health & Safety
Manual electric arc welding using closed electrodes (beginner level).Welding Metallurgy
Tungsten arc welding in a medium of protective gases.Casting defects