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Aleppo Branch (Aeronautical Engineering)

Aleppo branch for Aeronautical Engineering was established in Aleppo in 2008, as an extension of the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology in Damascus, which was established in 1983.

This branch aims to prepare qualified frameworks for scientific and technical research in the fields of applied sciences and technology, especially Aeronautics and its technologies.

Research and development activities:

In addition to some theoretical and applied studies that take place in the context of preparing the graduation thesis in the field of Aeronautical Engineering, researchers and engineers at the HIAST's branch in Aleppo carry out scientific research and development activities within work teams (students from the fourth and fifth years may participate in such teams), with the aim of:

- Continuous development of the scientific and technical capabilities of the institute’s branch cadres, in addition to relying on internal and external training and qualification.

- Contributing to the localization of modern technologies.

- Implementing engineering projects for the benefit of public and private sectors.

Our branch in Aleppo includes a group of laboratories:

Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Aviation Electronics and Electrical Laboratory

Measurements Laboratory

Control and Actuators Laboratory

Wind Tunnel Laboratory

Aviation Systems Laboratory

Mechanical Manufacturing Laboratory

Aviation Technologies Laboratory

Numerical Modeling Laboratory